The Social Gaming Market trends

The Social Gaming Market trends


Social media is much more than an unserious idle obsession or any other channel of social involvement for the youth. Today it has transformed as a serious business tool and a path for revenue generation as well as a medium to drive other ad campaigns and promotions. Each single corporate brand is utilizing this at the fullest today in order to have their desired ends attained, in terms of higher returns to scale, enhanced brand recall, active user participation, which results in increased good will and many other benefits.


Today as the market for social media and its application solutions are evolving, the social gaming market too has been thriving with eminent players foraying in. Today, approximately 200 million people are and have been playing games in more than one social networking portal for instance Facebook or Ibibo and the like.  As the day’s pass by, the social gaming sector is productively resulting in real time revenue generation that might soon translate in an enterprising social e-commerce market. These games are said to improve in the future. Furthermore they address two important aspects that are:-

1. Audience connectivity and participation
2. Revenue generation

Today, as the percentage of players participating in the games is increasing, the percentage of the people spending their money over a greater span of time results in a channeled revenue stream. The social gaming metrics is crucial to its success.


Recently there have been renowned service providers providing new age social media analytics tools that help to analyze the social game metrics. Simultaneously, these solutions have high-end in-built features that enables user to have all the information he/she needs. Selected advanced features consist of the following:-

1. Provides real-time social gaming analytics seamlessly
2. Users are able to achieve the gaming – specific predictive insights that are presented to the developers and marketers that enable them to quickly maximize engagement, expand the reach, enhance retention and increase the revenues
3. There are specific drill-down analysis tools that enable the user to reach the root solution fast and easily
4. With the help of automation, these tools assist the lean groups to impact goals with less effort fast

Businesses and enterprises today have been using of social media and social media analytics tools heavily. They are needed so as to carry forward specific social media assignments or projects either to appraise or maximize the online business effectiveness. The modern day social media analytics solutions provide its consumers a wholesome new procedure for evaluating interactive marketing through analyzing, enabling, and integrating organizations to respond to social intelligence gained by expanding their reach, maximizing retention, finally resulting in generating stable and profitable returns.


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