Career options available for the youth

Career options available for the youth

Unlike earlier times when there were only a couple of career options available, in today’s world you have a large menu, which has ample number of varieties to offer you. However, that does not mean the career options that were coveted earlier have lost their charm now. Some of them, like engineering, still, are highly coveted and promises a successful future. While novel options, like hospitality have risen high and are taken more seriously now. Let us discuss both of them briefly.

Career in Engineering:
A career in engineering for their children has been the dream of many parents since a long time. It is surprising that in this age when old is replaced by new and novel ideas, engineering as a viable career option still holds the grip very tight and remains to be a highly coveted career option. There are different categories of engineering which one can aspire for according to his or her preferences. Apart from a handsome package and respect, you open yourself to exciting challenges and gain maximum information in the field you are working in. the main work of engineers is:
Build and monitor construction of highways, buildings etc.
Analyze the impact of products used by people from the market and provide with necessary novel ideas for improvement
Develop new materials in accordance with public demand and need
Develop ways to make the best possible use of raw materials
The above-mentioned are some of the responsibilities that are to be undertaken by an engineer. However, the work covers a larger arena, which depends on your efficiency, hard work and dedication.

Career in Hospitality:

A career in hospitality is a new player in the field of career choices but has already gained the attention of the youth who are enrolling themselves in large numbers everyday for this career. The hospitality sector is growing tremendously and is offering ample amount of job options. Earlier, it was not considered as a reputed career option and was weighed down by the stereotyped career options like engineering, MBBS, teaching etc. due to a boon in travel and tourism and hotels, hospitality sector has gained immense popularity and today many colleges and institutes are offering courses for this career option. This sector has many courses to offer like, service apartments, hotels, various clubs, spa, discotheques, bars and ayurveda centers etc.

Therefore, a career options in hospitality or in engineering, both are flourishing at a fast pace. Though they are not related to each other in any way, both provide a platform to hardworking students for exhibiting their talents and skills and thereby lending a hand for the social welfare.

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