The Social Media Paradox

The Social Media Paradox

Its like an uncontrolled rash. Its omnipresent, all pervasive and seem to soak in a sea of people both voluntarily and involuntarily. There is almost a feeling of guilt if you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any such ilk- have I uploaded enough? Am I getting enough likes? Is the wall well populated? Have I mastered the sweet part of the Tweet? An unabashed freedom movement, reborn, rejuvenated, reignited, redressed in a different era and eco system of course.


Amidst the ever increasing din and punch of wanting to connect, express and impress over SM networks, have we lost the true art of being social? The more prolific a person is on the Social Media networks, the less proficient (or so it seems) they seem to be in the real social world. Good old person to person meets or calls seem to be a thing of the past why do enthusiastic, articulate, energetic flag bearers in the SM world retract, renege, resist when it comes to real world interfaces does the cyber world provide a more secure, comforting, facilitating, non intimidating enviornment that allows lesser mortals like me and you be wanted, witnessed, welcomed the jury is still out on that.


There already seems to be an element of fatigue setting in and the efficacy of the SM sites are being questioned.Lets face it- looking at it objectively, for every soothsayer there are several naysayers- that has been the rule of thumb- While there is no denying the profound impact that social media has had on the universe as a whole, has it helped us human beings evolve to be better social animals in real life, still begs the question.


When you see two people sitting in the same room within a few metres of each other engaged in a vitriloic animated thumb talking exercise on their respective BBMs, you really begin to wonder whether the simple pleasures of direct human engagement has seen better days.Or,the increasing general reluctance of people to pick up the phone and talk one one one leaves you bewlidered. ‘Let me text you’- we really are in some texting I mean testing times. Condolence messages on Facebook walls is really the obituary. As they say real life is stranger than reel life, social media life is alien from real life.



Is there a pressure to conform or perform in the Social Media space? Is there a danger of getting left behind? Is it insecurity of not being accepted? Are we so blogged down errr bogged down in our every day quest to be linked in(pardon the pun), we seem to be asking ourself a question- what came first- Social Life or Social Media Life?


Marketing and branding experts are already giving neuroscience a serious revisit virtual errands can make or break brands.For the stray brand success stories, there are many that have not left a mark- is it technique, tenacity, timing or treatment that works? Are we questioning the cognitive? Has the right & left sides of the brain swapped places? Here’s one more for the experts to decipher! Am sure the findings would be interesting. Till then, will have our backs to the wall! Oopss!

Pritesh Bagwe is Mumbai based digital marketing company PR Jankari office and his computer. He is dedicated digital marketing person in PR Jankari who scans the search engine to hunt for opportunity. Along with a team of consultant, he keeps on building business possibilities. Also he is project consultant of ISD Global


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Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution

Is the social media revolution a passing fad or is it really a fundamental shift in how we communicate and do business? The answer to this question is that social media is the biggest change in how people communicate since the industrial revolution and will only become more pervasive with time. What is your place in it and how can you benefit in business?

The change in how we communicate with each other can probably be traced back to the first morse code signals transmitted near the first half of the 19th century. From there there was the invention of the telephone, radio, television and now the internet. The internet has brought a radical shift in the way people in the world do business and just about everything else. Facebook alone has more than 100 million members and growing. YouTube has more than 100 million uploaded videos. Millions of people read blogs from just about every conceivable topic. Music is downloaded to millions of iPods daily. Most print newspapers in the U.S. are losing circulation and many are going out of business. But what does this all mean, and what does it have to do with you?

If you have a business or want to start one you must take into account the enormous change in how business operates today. It doesn’t mean that a new business owner cannot succeed without a knowledge of social media, but it does mean that learning how to use social media to your advantage can greatly enhance any activity you wish to sink your teeth into. Many people become intimidated by the thought of learning so much new “stuff” on the internet. They would rather just ignore it all as if it doesn’t exist and hope it all goes away. This is much like the old man or woman who still dresses the same way he or she did when they reached their peak, or when they were immersed in the world on a day-to-day basis. The problem is that many older people become out of touch and stuck at some point where they left off in the past, not able to relate well to the world as it is today.

Don’t let this happen to you, analogously speaking, in the world of business. Confront social media head-on. Learn how it can become the best friend you ever had in business. The old fuddy duddy who resists change certainly lives in the world but he is really no longer an active participant in it. Participate in modern technology at least to some degree–if you do your pocket book in business will be just a little fuller.

Steve Boston is an author, television producer and social media expert. For free tutorials on how to get started in business using social media techniques visit his site at

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Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction
What is it about social media that causes people to spend so much of their precious time trading information with friends, family and even giant corporations? Of course, we already know the answer; it’s fun and can be rewarding both socially and financially. The latest Retrevo Gadgetology study asked social media users questions such as when, where, and how much time they spend on sites and services like Facebook and Twitter. We were not surprised to learn how many people appear to be, shall we say, obsessed with checking in with their social media circles throughout the day and even the night.

Social Media All Through the Night

Not only do social media fanatics check Facebook and Twitter throughout the day, almost half of the respondents said they check in on the social media scene in bed, during the night or as soon as they wake up in the morning. Naturally, younger social media users said they tweet by night more than those over 25.

Will Twitter Kill the Morning News Shows?

Among social media users, it appears almost half are so involved with Facebook and Twitter that they check in the first thing in the morning. With 16% of social media users saying this is how they get their morning “news,” could we be witnessing the first signs of social media services beginning to replace “Good Morning America” on TV as the source for what’s going on in the world? Can they also provide more stimulation than a morning cup of coffee?

Are iPhone Owners More Social?

You have to agree, iPhone owners do think different. We don’t know if it’s the device making it so easy to do social media things or the personality of an iPhone owner but iPhone owners stand out in this study as more involved with social media; they use Facebook and Twitter more often and in more places.

Social Media Anonymous

Need more evidence that social media can be habit forming? How about the fact that 56% of social media users need to check Facebook at least once a day? Even more impressive are the 12% who check in every couple of hours.

We Interrupt This Dinner for an Important Message

Just to round out the picture, the Gadgetology study asked consumers how they felt about being interrupted at various times and occasions for an electronic message. With everyone texting away on their phones these days, we weren’t surprised to see over 40% of respondents saying they didn’t mind being interrupted for a message. In fact, 32% said a meal was not off limits while 7% said they’d even check out a message during an intimate moment.


We’re not qualified to declare a societal, social media crisis but when almost half of social media users say they check Facebook or Twitter sometime during the night or when they first wake up, you have to wonder if these people aren’t suffering from some sort of addiction to social media. From this study, it also appears that social media may have begun to replace more conventional sources for news with many social media users saying tweets trump their CRT, LCD, or Plasma TV for that morning cup of news.

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Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery

In order to master social media you must first master yourself.

What I mean by that is you must get away from all the hype, the spam, and the ridiculous money making offers out there. While some of them maybe be legit, there is just to much ‘noise’ out there to tell sometimes. You need to place yourself in the position of giving value to the rest of the social media users out there. When you can truly give excellent content and provide really strong, good tips and strategies about marketing or just social media in general is when you will start to see your social media following start to build at a very fast rate.

The most common mistake newbie’s make is trying to promote themselves and their products and their mlm companies or whatever it may be. Let me just say that this stuff does not work. It may lead you to a few sales up front if you get lucky but there is no real long term value here. The whole purpose and goal of this is to provide massive value and build great relationships with people on those sites. When you begin to do this, you will see great results.

Another common problem that new people run into is thinking that they have no real value to offer people. I want to make perfectly clear that you DO have value and you DO have the ability to provide that value through social media. All you have to do is share what you are most passionate about. And don’t tell me you don’t have any passions. There is always something that you are great at that most people are not. To give you a literal example, for me it started with skateboarding because that is something I have been doing since I was a kid back in middle school. And took what I had learned from skateboarding and translated it into real life values and principles like overcoming your fears or persistent practice leading to the mastery of a trick. You can do this to for your passions and skills.

So if you haven’t yet figure out the secrets to social media mastery then it is about time you learn them because if you are spending anywhere from 30-60 minutes a day on various social media sites and are not generating at least 10 to 25 fresh leads for your business then it’s simply because no one has taught you how yet.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

I have read several articles and blogs in the past few weeks regarding Social Media Marketing

it is basically just a fad and Social Media Marketers are not experts and really dont understand the world of marketing. Well, right now Social Media Marketing is hot and it is where businesses and customers are and if you are not using to market your business you really are missing out on a whole group of people who could potentially be customers. However, it should not be the only way you market your business and if you want to market on Social Networking sites you do need an individual who knows what they are doing, so do not beware the expert. Beware the expert who tells you Social Media is the only tool you need for marketing, beware the company that only focuses on Social Media. Look for the company that still focuses on Marketing as a whole. 
In order to appropriately market your business your marketing should have a good mix of all areas of marketing.
Your business still needs a website. All businesses need and should have a good website. The website has really become the source of information, it is all about you. It is the place where you can showcase everything that your company does. The business website is a static site providing information necessary to showcase your business. 
Your business still needs to advertise. While the world of advertising has changed with the decline of print media, businesses still need to advertise. Newspapers have declined in readership or gone out of business, there are online news sites out there where you can advertise. Direct mail coupons are still sent out, if you have a coupon or special this may work for your business. 
Your business still needs printed information. People still want to have a physical piece of information they can hold in their hands. Your business still needs a brochure, business cards, flyers, etc. While you may not conduct a direct mail campaign anymore you do still need literature you can hand to people for their review.  You still need to meet people in person. Chambers of Commerce are still a great source for networking in your community. You still need to represent your business in person in front of other people. Join the Chamber, find a local networking group, attend various expos and events. People do still network face-to-face and you should still be doing this. 
Your business needs to be on the Social Media Sites. Utilizing these sites is necessary in todays world. Social Media allows businesses to interact with their potential customers, and customers. It makes your business more real and approachable and can take the static marketing of your website, print pieces, etc. and make them come to life and go beyond putting out information. This is where you can showcase your business on a daily basis and in real-time. It should encompass all aspects of your marketing package. 
Focusing on one avenue to generate leads is not going to be very successful. As a business owner you need to constantly work all areas of marketing to get your name out there and educate the public on what it is that you do. Finding a marketing company that will encompass all pieces of the marketing mix is your best bet. Dont be afraid of the experts, be wary of the experts who will only lead you in one direction.  

Social Media Discovery

Social Media Discovery
We have discovered theres a lot on connections between the different social sites enjoying fame with the young and old, and I think somebody told the marketing industry about this, I think they have discovered the connection between the internet, social media and internet traffic, where in trouble now

Social media has surpassed search engines for priority in gaining internet presence, and like email, where the mind set was if we just send out enough emails, people will visit our sites and buy!, then search engines and back links, so then it was If we create more back links and site referrals than the other guy, well have more traffic!, so before we Here we go again, lets stop and think?

Email blasters got smart and started targeting, gee just like direct mail companies!, Keyword targeting has not been figured out yet except for VITAL COMPUTER SERVICES, but we here at Vital know thats where its logically got to go. The pattern is there, the pattern is full. You cant just make a million connections between the social sites or try and get a zillion followers on twitter, Facebook or whatever.

Everybody can do that, everybody is doing that, except VITAL COMPUTER SERVICES, we have a plan.
Were going to figure out how to target, be selective about the connections we create, we add to the formula, geography, demographics, trends, we call them connection bots, like the web bots that making all the uncanny predictions that seem to come true we use the same concepts with social media connections.

We send out connection bots that analyze the connections between all the different media social sites, grab the data, analyze it, spread it out and figure were all the best connections are, why there the best, what value they hold to the most important markets, the hard time markets, and what we discovered is unbelievable!

The results of our first wave will turn the internet marketing world on its head, but we plan on waiting 4-6 more months before we start deploying this knowledge and the technology we developing because of what we found.
We though about selling this as an application, but have decided to sell this a internet service, Our major concern is somebody like Google coming up to us and making a huge, HUGE offer of a lot of money, and our weaker side caving in, but that wont happen, instead we thing Google will be our first customer.

Whatever the case, we will be springing this TRUE paradigm of how the internet is marketed not till sometime next year. When we started this project within Vital Computer Services consulting brain trust, we knew we were on to something but we didnt know where it would go, we thought the connection bot technology was a revolution in it self, but the results of the connection bots was explosive.

Vital Computer Services has always claimed to ride the edge of marketing concepts, this time we sharpened the edge and made it wider. Are you ready America?

Michael Robert Cummings
Born in Chicago, Illinois
Graduate of CDI, Wilbur Wright College
Father of 1 daughter, I was Born 1955
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.VitalComputerServices.Info

Developer and solution provider since 1986, started in California, currently Living in
Phoenix, AZ
Member of,

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Exposure of Social Media in Ireland

Exposure of Social Media in Ireland

Social media in Ireland is just like every country in the world is taking an absolute hold over the country.  Recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have all stemmed in some part from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Social media in Ireland has not and will probably never have the same affect on the country and although it may be able to cause such problems as the crashing of parties and maybe verbal and physical attacks, there is no way that social media in Ireland, using Facebook and Twitter as prime examples, will ever be a threat to national security like it has proved to be in some other countries.  It’s a great way to meet people as well all the different social network websites but it’s also quite a good way to advertise and is fast becoming the most productive way in which to get your message out into the local or domestic media.


Social media in Ireland is hugely beneficial for a lot of people, fantastic in our universities and a fantastic way to get to know someone even when you are not in face to face contact. Its danger however is not to be underestimated as it’s been shown across the world but many a rave and party has been infiltrated or cancelled through the use of Facebook or Twitter. A great way for you to look at the previous night’s party, and a great way to talk to people that you have met at parties or through friends also.

Facebook is revolutionary in the way that it displays information about you and the way it build profiles.  It opens all sorts of doors for possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise achieve. Your relationship status being displayed your likes and dislikes, what music you are into and who your family and friends are. It is a completely comprehensive profile of your life broken down into a series of profile pages that is able to define your life at a quick glance so people feel they can get to know you more quickly. This kind of display however can be abused and it is a very different sort of media in which you can get so much information at such a fast pace.

The exposure is seen by some as a breach of the protection act put in place to make sure that your personal details are never put in places where you could be at risk, but Facebook disregards that and puts all of it on public display. Social media in Ireland would be banned though if Facebook didn’t have the protection put in place that it did in order to make sure that only friends of yours could find out where you live or find out who your friends were both important factors into why social media in Ireland is still active today.


Are you looking for more information regarding Social Media in Ireland ?  Visit today!

Soccer And Social Media

Soccer And Social Media
The professional soccer leagues around the world rely on social media to get the word out about their teams and to allow their fans to connect with their favorite teams. Social media comes in many forms some of which allows a soccer team to update and post information instantly. Social media is a sports team dream and especially for a soccer team. Social media outlets are excellent ways for soccer teams to connect with their fans because of the social nature of social media mediums. If a soccer team would like to connect with their fans they should simply create a presence on the major social media networks. Once a sports team has created these outlets they will then be able to send out information and updates and to invite fans to join their social network.

Social media has radically changed out world. With the advent of social media outlets people are now able to get information rapidly and they are able to share that same information with their friends with the click of a few buttons. With this ease of access to information it is becoming increasingly more important for businesses and sports teams alike to have an established presence on social media so they do not fall behind the times.

Social media also allows soccer players to connect with their fans. For example, if a player has created a twitter account or a Facebook page they can post information about themselves and about their soccer career. These social media mediums allow a soccer player to stay connected with their fans and for those same fans to feel like they are playing an active role in their favorite soccer stars life and professional soccer career. The soccer player can post highlight videos and post Twitter updates when he is recovering from a injury and to let his fans know that he has been traded to a new team.

Within professional Soccer social media also allows the traditional media outlets to connect better with soccer fans and to get the word out much easier and much faster than ever before about major happenings within the soccer world. During a live broadcast of a soccer match media outlets can post regular updates on all of their social media outlets which will allow fans to stay updated about the game if they are unable to watch the game. Social media allows people to keep track of their favorite soccer teams and their favorite soccer news in a mobile format. Soccer fans can keep track of their favorite teams on their mobile devices which allows them to access their social media outlets and post updates and download information with the click of a few buttons.

Find out more about soccer, soccer teams and MLS from my sports site

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Social Media and Judaism

Social Media and Judaism

According to the North American Jewish Data Bank, as of 2010, the world Jewish population was estimated at 13.42 million or roughly 0.2% of the total world population. According to this report, about 42% of all Jews reside in Israel (5.70 million), and about 42% in the US (5.28 million) and Canada (0.38 million), with most of the remainder living in Europe (1.46 million). This history of Judaism is intertwined with stories of mass migration throughout the world.

People Scattered

Tracing the roots of Jewish migration patterns goes all the way back to the first mention of a “diaspora” created as a result of exile is found in the Septuagint in the phrase “thou shalt be dispersion in all kingdoms of the earth”. The Greek term “diaspora” is actually a Greek term meaning “scattering.” Since biblical times, the Jewish people have often been subject to forced global dispersals due to political events resulting in disenfranchisement and the threat of religious persecution and total annihilation.

Throughout the course of history, there have been many diasporic episodes involving the Jewish people. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel refer to those tribes of ancient Israel that formed the Kingdom of Israel and which disappeared from Biblical and all other historical accounts after the kingdom was destroyed in about 720 BC by ancient Assyria. Many groups have traditions concerning the continued hidden existence or future public return of these tribes.

During the great Inquisitions in Spain and Portugal, so many Jews were forced to leave those countries and to literally to run for their lives. World War II caused Jews to flee much of Europe to avoid almost certain death at the hands of the advancing Nazis and the harsh Pogroms of Russia. As a result of centuries of popular displacement, one would be hard pressed to identify a country, anywhere in the world, which cannot be considered the birthplace and/or home to Jews.

Language Confounded

In addition to the countless Jewish diasporas, consider the biblical accounts of “The Tower of Babel” episode discussed in Genesis 11:5-8. The bible recounts the post “Great Flood” period in which God offers the following wisdom about a corrupt mankind, which brought this great tragedy upon itself: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do.” God’s edict on the world proclaims the following: “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.”

And so, God scattered them upon the face of the Earth (the Diaspora), and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel “because God there confounded the language of all the Earth.”(Genesis 11:5-8).

Most Jews have assimilated to the languages and cultures of their native and adopted lands. It has often been especially difficult for world Jewry to maintain the kind of universal dialog that unites those of a common faith.

Search for Fellow Jews

Enter Social Media attempting to undo centuries of division and unfamiliarity among Jewish groups that are as unique as the African Jews, who evidence ethnic and religious diversity and richness. These scattered African groups – perhaps a lost tribe – have not maintained contact with the wider Jewish community from ancient times, but still assert descent from ancient Israel or other connections to Judaism.

When you review any list of Social Media pioneers, you immediately recognize the names of Zuckerberg, (Shel) Israel, Solis, Bernoff, Godin, Vaynerchuk, Kososky, Herzog and Joel, just to name a few. So why are so many Jewish men and women gravitating towards the mantra of thought leader(s) in Social Media?

They come from many backgrounds and career fields. Some are rooted in the social sciences and have taken a special interest in evolving patterns of human behavior. Others are businesspeople intrigued by the sales and marketing potential that this new media promises. Yet, others are amazed by the innovative technologies that have lead to making the world a much smaller place.

It is, perhaps, this last intellectual amazement that many Jewish professionals and novices find most appealing. Within us all is an innate desire to unite and bond with our ancestral roots. Jews find it especially difficult to trace back generations of family history that may take them through many continents and almost certainly dead-end sooner than others with family histories tied to a single country like England, France or Spain.

The potential of Social Media to bring us all together is not lost on thought leader Brian Solis, who says that “Evolution is evolution – and it’s happened before us and will continue after we’re gone. But, what’s taking place now is much more than change for the sake of change. The socialization of content creation, consumption and participation, is hastening the metamorphosis that transforms everyday people into participants of a powerful and valuable media literate society.”

Search for and Sharing of Knowledge

Another factor that brings Jews is Social Media is the search for knowledge that this new media aids in. In the book ‘Start up nation,’ Yoelle Maarek, head of Google Israel’s research and development center explains the Jewish roots of ‘search,’ saying, “As Israelis and Jews, we are the people of the Book. We like to consult texts. We like to search.” The authors also point out that, “In 2008 Google Israel sold $ 100 million in advertising, about double the previous year and 10 percent of the total advertising market in Israel – a higher market share than Google has in most countries.”

Throughout history, intellectual rigor and tireless exploration of the world we live in have been qualities that Jews have striven towards. As such, whilst both Facebook and Google are creations of young Jewish whiz kids, Google is the platform that should appeal most to the aspirational Jew within.

Search for Jewish Identity

The Orthodox Union (OU) has just released a new mobile app that will be helpful for those seeking knowledge on what food products are kosher for Passover. The new app allows the user to enter any food item or product to gather all of the kosher information including if the certification is up to date. This is only one app that addresses the needs and wants of Jewish life through the Web. Other popular Jewish-oriented mobile apps include: I-TORAH WITH ENGLISH FOR IPHONE & IPAD (CROWDED ROAD), TANACH BIBLE – HEBREW/ENGLISH BIBLE (DAVKA CORP.), SIDDUR/LUACH (RUSTY BRICK), JEWISH JOURNAL (TRIBE MEDIA CORP) and JEWISH ROCK RADIO (jacAPPS). And, who creates such apps? Interested and talented Jewish web developers and content providers.

Yes, the advent of Social Media definitely found a hot button among Jews interested in reaching out to fellow Jews and Jewish supporters from around the world. Many hope to consolidate international Jewry into a single, proud Jewish community that bonds ancient commonalities and richness with modern and diverse cultural experiences gained from past Jewish migrations and assimilations.

What’s in store for the future? The Jewish Cultural Studies series, published by Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, is inviting original papers for a volume on Jewish Cyber culture. Topics of interest include effects of social media on Jewish identity, perceived conflicts and integration of the Internet with religious values, adaptation of technology such as cell phones and webcams for religious purposes, marketing and consumption of Jewish books and products in cyberspace, rise of virtual Judaism and Jewishness, changes to oral and social genres such as humor and ritual in digital cultural contexts, effects of the Internet on Jewish/non-Jewish relations, and the use of technology to challenge or redefine traditional structures of authority in the Jewish community.

Jews have something valuable here. Social Media offers modern day solutions to many challenges from biblical times. With Jews representing only 2% of the world’s population, it is important for all Jews of the world to extend a hand to one another and find ways to preserve their religious identity through Social Media.

Please visit Marc LeVine’s Bio at  Marc is CEO of ICA Social Media at

Search and Social Media

Search and Social Media

Previously, content quality was a requisite for owning relationships. In the last few years, online publishers have learned that they can instead master the nearly free discovery pathways of search and social media. This spring, a horde of AOL journalists, Paul Miller, Joshua Topolsky and others, left after learning that they would be required to produce content based on trending interest according to Google and Twitter reporting.

Ironically, it is this approach to audience marketing that appears to worry Google. In recent weeks, Google announced it’s +1 listings feature, which allows account users to rate both organic and paid listings, increasing their favorability by the engine directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, earlier this year Google also announced changes to its search algorithm meant to mitigate the effect of low-quality content pages.

Quantcast and comScore reported significant traffic declines for the standout content farm, eHow by Demand Media, shortly afterwards. We believe that Google realizes that the quality of its listings is critical to its continued success as the de facto navigational and discovery tool for online content. As Matt Cutts recently stated on the official Google Blog: “Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.”

In the long run, we believe there will be plenty of opportunity for high-quality content. The Wall Street Journal, the largest newspaper in the country with a print-and-digital paid circulation of 2.11M, charges for access to its content. Likewise, the risky and much-criticized move by the New York Times to gate its content has resulted in year-over-year gains in digital ad and circulation revenue, stemming the ongoing sales loss faced by this incredible brand in recent years.

This event has particular meaning to RBM, a New York Digital Marketing Company, because in the past, the major media brands able to survive with gated content were large financial news outlets. The New York Times, by contrast, is squarely general interest. Despite the high profiles of free and user-generated content brands, we believe professionally produced content looks forward to a long and profitable future in the digital media world.

At RBM they do things a bit differently: they seek to enable a business through social media, rather than simply run creative ideas or campaigns. They create a road map for their clients to deploy a social infrastructure across their organization, taking into consideration team restheirces/assets, governance, existing marketing infrastructure, and the unique technology needs.