Exposure of Social Media in Ireland

Exposure of Social Media in Ireland

Social media in Ireland is just like every country in the world is taking an absolute hold over the country.  Recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have all stemmed in some part from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Social media in Ireland has not and will probably never have the same affect on the country and although it may be able to cause such problems as the crashing of parties and maybe verbal and physical attacks, there is no way that social media in Ireland, using Facebook and Twitter as prime examples, will ever be a threat to national security like it has proved to be in some other countries.  It’s a great way to meet people as well all the different social network websites but it’s also quite a good way to advertise and is fast becoming the most productive way in which to get your message out into the local or domestic media.


Social media in Ireland is hugely beneficial for a lot of people, fantastic in our universities and a fantastic way to get to know someone even when you are not in face to face contact. Its danger however is not to be underestimated as it’s been shown across the world but many a rave and party has been infiltrated or cancelled through the use of Facebook or Twitter. A great way for you to look at the previous night’s party, and a great way to talk to people that you have met at parties or through friends also.

Facebook is revolutionary in the way that it displays information about you and the way it build profiles.  It opens all sorts of doors for possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise achieve. Your relationship status being displayed your likes and dislikes, what music you are into and who your family and friends are. It is a completely comprehensive profile of your life broken down into a series of profile pages that is able to define your life at a quick glance so people feel they can get to know you more quickly. This kind of display however can be abused and it is a very different sort of media in which you can get so much information at such a fast pace.

The exposure is seen by some as a breach of the protection act put in place to make sure that your personal details are never put in places where you could be at risk, but Facebook disregards that and puts all of it on public display. Social media in Ireland would be banned though if Facebook didn’t have the protection put in place that it did in order to make sure that only friends of yours could find out where you live or find out who your friends were both important factors into why social media in Ireland is still active today.


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