Social landscape and youth important aspects to FLIP Charity

Social landscape and youth important aspects to FLIP Charity

This is thanks to one of the world’s leading banks called Credit Suisse as well as the Bonita Trust. They are based in Gibraltar and in this way there is a lot of work which is carried out in this area in order to support the Philanthropy Charity schemes. In addition to this, they are promoting the youth to galvanise themselves and find a career in the long term. This group are determined to find the leaders of today, tomorrow by giving them support and help towards engaging and interacting with their social community.

This ensures they will be provided with a lot of confidence by doing things with the local area which will set them up for finding roles and dealing with all sorts of people when it comes to business. By raising Community Awareness , this group has seen their membership grow over the last few years as people recognise the importance of social communities. This Philanthropy Charity has promoted their vision of getting their young students involved with a number of projects.

This includes quiz nights, raffles and much more. However this company have also been involved in getting their students to learn about the ins and outs of leadership training. This is thanks to a previous event which included 40 members of the charity group who spent a day doing a series of team building exercises that was performed in conjunction with the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

This took place at Buffadero Training Centre and there was a paintball competition that went ahead in spite of the awful weather conditions.There was also another competition for project members which included laser weapons in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer.It has given these students the chance to raise their awareness about the community not to mention about giving to charity.

The students certainly learned a tremendous amount about themselves whilst gaining knowledge of team building as well as team bonding roles. The charity shows through direct experience in a social environment that students have the ability to learn a number of skills and factors for the wide world as well as developing their social skills.

All of the activities were carefully thought and well devised which students enjoyed and benefited from. The leadership skills that they also enjoyed will also put them in good step for the future as this is one of the key elements that you will need in order to succeed in business.

It is a great effort that they have put into these types of particular schemes because there is nothing better than direct experience to prove that you are able to engage and interact at this stage which will prepare you later on.

The FLIP charity project encourages local students to become involved in communal & charitable giving in Gibraltar. Visit for more information.